Tuesday 22 April 2014

Another excellent free promo

I ran a free promo of my latest novel "Travels on a Greyhound Bus" over the Easter weekend, and again it did really well.

At its peak the book reached number 2 in Family Life and number 7 in Women's Fiction in the Amazon.com free charts. It also reached number 101 in the overall free charts on Amazon.com, which was a real result. All of this equated to over 2.6 thousand downloads.

Thank you, everyone, for downloading "Travels on a Greyhound Bus", and I really hope you enjoy reading it!

Tuesday 15 April 2014

"Travels on a Greyhound Bus" -- 5 day free promo over Easter

My novel "Travels on a Greyhound Bus" will be free on Amazon from 17 until 21 April inclusive.

This is an easy, fun read about how relationships change over time and how people react when those relationships come under pressure. It has some good independent reviews from Laura's Book Reviews and Kirsty I Heart Books, and has 4.6 stars on Amazon.

You can download  "Travels on a Greyhound Bus" at Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

The blurb follows below:

People change. Relationships evolve. But sometimes by too much...

Hip students Araminta Stewart and Giles Richmond meet entirely by chance when travelling around the USA by Greyhound Bus. They hit it off. Some twenty years later, they are married with three children and have reached a crisis point in their relationship.

Araminta thought she knew what she wanted all those years ago. But now she’s got it, is she really happy? Or could there be more to life than this?
Told from Araminta’s point of view, "Travels on a Greyhound Bus" follows the couple as they navigate these two very different periods in their lives. While their early relationship flourishes, their later relationship appears to be disintegrating.

Faced with disappointment, frustration and the biggest challenge to their marriage yet, the question is: will Araminta and Giles’ relationship survive the journey of a lifetime?